Let me help you find your strength.
– Prentiss Rhodes

The purpose of this website is to help you reclaim some of your physical vitality, mobility and strength through functional fitness. This includes pointing you to some tools and resources to help you gain strength, flexibility and agility; tips on nutrition that don’t leave you suffering; ideas of how to integrate a fitness program seamlessly into your busy schedule; and motivational strategies to help you stay in the game even when it feels tough (we’ve all been there).–The goal to have you perform better so that you can enjoy the things that are really important…things that you live for.

First let me tell you what Functional Fitness Over 40
isn’t about:

  • It’s not about giving you resources that will  make you suffer; neither in the kitchen or on the training floor.
  • It’s not about recommending agonizing workouts–you must train, you may even get tired–it is not the goal.
  • It’s not about making you a servant to your lifestyle –no matter if it is food or training related.

Let’s get to what this is about:

  • Learning health and fitness tips that you can use in plain English.
  • Learning training strategies to make sure you you get to your goal safely.
  • Getting resources that you’ll need to get the job done anytime.
  • Integrating fitness seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Using your fitness to support your lifestyle so that you can live without limitations.

If this is what resonates with you and your goals then:

Welcome to Functional Fitness Over 40

Gaining fitness in today’s “always on the move” way of living is tough. If you take into consideration all of the work, social and family obligations that you may have, it’s no wonder that it is easy to feel that there is not enough time to get in shape.

What happens next is that rabbit hole of supplements, crazy diets, memberships and workout equipment that promise a quick fix –to no avail.

Achieving functional fitness, at any age, is tough –let alone after you’ve crossed north of 40. It takes knowledge of your physical capabilities as well as simple nutrition strategies without needing a degree to make sense of all it; think do this not that or eat this not that (which was a very popular book.)

If you’re here looking for the latest and greatest shiny thing to get a quick fix…this site isn’t for you. This site is for people who want to make fitness and integral part of their lives but not their entire lives. The site is for those who understand that being functional is about long term health and fitness. It’s also about expressing many different attributes so that you can interact with your environment in any way that you see fit.

This site won’t teach you to be heavyweight champion of the world or a fitness model. That’s not the point. The point is to give you some practical tips that you can use in your life so that you can  “get out of your own way” and adopt  a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the themes you’ll get:

  • Understand the best exercises and training progressions for where you are now–THIS is one of the BIG reasons people get hurt
  • Learn how to design YOUR own training program –This is not about telling you what to do (that never works) but learning HOW so that you go about things according to your individuality.
  • Recommendations for healthier eating…80/20 style. If you are good for 80% of the time and do the best things for your nutrition needs, So, when you have to go the occasional celebration—everything will be alright.
  • An exercise technique primer –We all should be conscious of injuries, but still need to develop a movement and exercise vocabulary. There is no such thing as a bad exercise only bad technique, AND if you have poor  technique–you could have problems.
  • Mental training exercises which consist of various guided imagery and relaxation drills will help you to tap into mental reserves that will get you moving forward even when you don’t want to.

There’s a lot more to come…

From time to time, you’ll get info on resources that may help with health and fitness goals. A couple of key points:

  • No supplement recommendations will be given – That decision is up to you and your doctor.  I will give you information on the key components of some popular supplements; how they may work in the body; as well as some of the findings of researchers. There aren’t many substitutes for real food.
  • I will not recommend a product or service that I do not believe in. Period.

So…ENJOY and retool your lifestyle on a base of functional fitness.

Man on Fire